Uniclean PLE 3
Uniclean PLE 3

Washer-disinfector for reprocessing up to 3 flexible endoscopes Uniclean® PLE 3

The Uniclean® PLE 3 washer-disinfector is designed for the automated cleaning and disinfection of reusable, flexible, thermolabile endoscopes.

Uniclean PLE 3
Uniclean PLE 3
Uniclean PLE 3
Uniclean PLE 3
Uniclean PLE 3
Uniclean PLE 3
Uniclean PLE 3
Uniclean PLE 3
Uniclean PLE 3

Technical data

Endoscopes capacity
Usable chamber dimensions in mm (H x W x D)
Usable chamber capacity
External machine dimensions in mm (H x W x D)


594 x 684 x 559

227 liters

1.990 x 1.000 x 660*

Technical data subject to change without notice

* 740 incl. handles

Safe and fast Endoscope reprocessing

Automatic reprocessing of the highest standard of different types of flexible endoscopes from different manufacturers, packaged in a service-friendly and user-friendly complete concept: The Uniclean® PLE 3 washer-disinfector meets all quality-related requirements and complies with the latest standards (such as the standards series DIN EN ISO 15883 Parts 1 and 4) and guidelines that authorize, among other things, use of the CE mark according to MDR 2017/745 EU.


Designed for the automated cleaning and disinfection of the re-usable, flexible, thermolabile endoscopes listed below.

Endoscope types from different manufacturers

  • Bronchoscopes
  • Cystoscopes
  • Duodenoscopes
  • Fibroscopes
  • Gastroscopes
  • Colonoscopes
„Halo“ LED-Steuerpaneel

“Halo” LED control panel with 10″ MMM Smart HMI

Light and light effects not only have a proven beneficial effect on humans but also increase the quality and pleasantness of the workplace. The “Halo” LED control panel developed by MMM provides a
perfect interplay of ambiance and function.
The “Halo” light effect in various status colors reflects off the stainless steel surface and gives the MMM washer-disinfector a stylish appearance. The vertically arranged control panel with the MMM Smart HMI promises intuitive and reliable operator guidance.


  • PLC controller with 10” touchscreen, vertically arranged.
  • The clearly structured menu navigation ensures a high operational reliability.
  • The large remaining time display enables optimal time management.
  • Validated according to DIN EN 62304 “Medical device software – software life-cycle processes”.
  • The sophisticated parameter structure provides a high level of flexibility when configuring the machine.
  • If the system is not used for a longer period of time, an energy-saving idle mode is activated.
Uniclean PLE 3


  • Automatic and continuous leak test
  • Low water consumption and short cycle times
  • “Halo” LED control panel with 10″ MMM Smart HMI
  • Fine filter to protect the channel monitoring
  • Final rinse either via tank or sterile filter
  • Easy-to-service complete conceptI Disinfectant: peracetic acid or glutaraldehyde
  • Insert racks compatible with the EDScab® 8H storage cabinet
RUMED360® Endo Admin Softwarepakete

Endo Admin software packages RUMED360®

RUMED360® Endo Admin is a modularly designed application for digital administration of the “endo system”, which comprises the Uniclean® PLE 3 and EDScab® 8H. The tool is used for monitoring, evaluating and analyzing the endo system, and for administering the endoscopes, adapters and users. Complete documentation can also be produced, visualized and printed via this tool.

Endo adapter sets Secure connection of the endoscopes

Complete adapter sets or individual adapters for a wide variety of endoscope types from Olympus, Pentax, Fujifilm, Wolf & Storz.
  • Double-door, pass through version with hinged doors
  • Capacity for 2 or optionally 3 endoscopes
  • Chamber material: 316LI Automatic leak test before program start
  • Monitoring system for up to 7 channels with flow measurement plus leak test
  • RFID-based endoscope and user identificationI Indication of machine status through 3-color chamber and panel lighting
  • Integrated external drying (optional)I Automatic monitoring of the most important process parameters
  • Rotating nozzles in the chamber for external cleaningI Maintenance access from the frontI Thermal self-disinfection program
  • Channel drying using sterile compressed airI 2 dosing pumps with flow meter (maximum 3, optional)
  • Telescopic drawers for controller and cleaning agent
  • Main control cabinet with pivoting frame
  • RFID identification of cleaning agent container (optional)
  • EDScab® 8H – Storage and drying cabinet for up to 8 flexible endoscopes.


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