Steam sterilizer for 2 up to 18 StU - Standard Line

Large steriliser with integrated steam generator for the fast and efficient preparation of instruments, utensils, laundry, plastic and complicated MIC instruments in hospitals and clinics. Thanks to its independent steam supply and robust technology, the SL meets the complex requirements of our customers around the world.

Technical data:
  • One- and two-door version
  • Chamber door opens horizontally or vertically
  • Surface processing of the inside chamber walls: Ceramic-blasted, smoothed (e.g. RA 0.8 µm) or electro-polished.
Ease of use:
  • Large touch screen buttons with clear symbols
  • Large TeleClock remaining time display for time-optimised work processes
  • Quiet two-stage vacuum pump
  • Sterilization chamber, doors and heated chamber jacket are made of high quality CrNiMo steel (AISI 316 TI / AISI 316 L)
  • Special chamber jacket for improved chamber preheating and reduction of demineralized water consumption
  • Chamber rails make loading by means of loading carts easier
  • Integrated electric steam generator with automatic scouring device
  • Automatic sliding doors with safety equipment that prevents it from being opened while the program is running, and prevents the loading and unloading sides from being opened at the same time (lock function) and provides protection against trapping
  • The pipes are in line with DIN EN 285; pipes are colour-coded and heat-insulated
  • The pipe insulation from K-Flex is free from halogen, PVC, CFC, HCFC and asbestos
  • Colour touch display with intuitive menus and display of all important batch information as well as messages from the safety inspection system and the service menu for the technician
  • Touch screen 8.4" display
  • Early start: starts independently to heat the steriliser with a first empty cycle so that the steriliser is operational immediately
  • Energy-saving night-time shut-off – can be adjusted individually for every day
  • Air detector provides additional monitoring of the chamber for leaks
  • Water saving system. The vacuum pump runs in economical circulation mode. Fresh water is only added when necessary.
  • Steam manager
  • Special program for sterilising liquids in open or loosely closed receptacles with self-cooling

Redundant sensors in the steriliser and the monitoring of important operational parameters provide for the highest possible process safety. The PID control is perfectly adapted to the individual phases of the gradient-controlled process.

Even hollow instruments and instruments that are difficult to dry, such as drills and heavy plastic parts, as well as complicated instrument designs and MIC instruments are sterilised in a convenient and reproducible manner.

  • The contents of the batch documentation are regulated by law. The form can be chosen freely:

  • They can be printed on an integrated printer or an A4 printer, or the data can be transmitted to a connected PC for storage via a network.

  • Large touch screen buttons with clear symbols
  • Large TeleClock remaining time display for time-optimised work processes
  • Quiet two-stage vacuum pump
  • AN material
  • Hollow items
  • Implants
  • Instruments
  • MIS
  • Linen

At a glance

Application: Hospital
Type: Sterilization
Process: Steam
Material to be treated: Solid & porous goods


  • 2-18 STU

Loading height

  • 390 mm
  • 850 mm

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