Hot sealing device for closing sterile barrier systems in line with a reproducible and validated procedure.

In order to protect medical products from recontamination after preparation, they are packed in see-through bags before sterilisation that keep the product sterile until it is used on the patient. SteriPack joins seamlessly into the sterile goods preparation process of any CSSD and provides the operators with the necessary sterility for the prepared goods.

Technical data:
  • Multilingual intuitive menus
  • 5.6" touch screen or input keyboard (depending on model)
  • Interface for bi-directional communication RS 232 (USB and ethernet optional)
  • Operating hours counter
  • Energy saving function: The device switches to energy-saving standby mode after a set period
  • Interface for direct connection to a process documentation system for electronic data archiving
  • Character width is automatically adapted to the width of the slide
  • All relevant data are printed on the packaging (expiry date, batch number, seal parameters, device number etc.)
  • Microprocessor control system
  • Sealing temperature: max 220 °C
  • Dimensions: 710 x 250 x 240 mm or 830 x 250 x 240 mm
  • See-through bags and hoses in line with EN 868-5 and DIN EN ISO 11607-1
  • Tyvek ®, 1059B, 1073B and 2 FS
  • Sealable paper bags in line with EN 868-4
  • Aluminium laminate film
  • Instruments

At a glance

Application: Hospital
Type: Packaging
Material to be treated: Solid & porous goods