On the occasion of the 65th anniversary of the company, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) Regensburg for Oberpfalz / Kelheim honoured MMM for the long-standing and traditional performance of the family business. The award was presented by Manuel Lischka (left) - CCI Branch Manager - on 9 October at the Stadlern site. Michael Koller (in the middle), sole Shareholder of MMM and Robert Eibl, Managing Director of MMM, accepted the certificate with great pleasure.

Mr. Lischka remembered the founder Johann Koller, who created jobs for many people due to his company foundation in Munich and the production site in Stadlern and thus gave them perspectives for a prosperous future. Michael Koller, who is now responsible for the company, continues this vision. With regard to the meanwhile successful business development on an international level, Manuel Lischka particularly emphasized the African continent. In his thanks for the company's performance over the past decades, Mr. Lischka also included the voluntary work of some MMM employees at the CCI.

More information on this topic can be found at https://www.ihk-regensburg.de/region/schwandorf/blick-in-die-region/die-... or https://www.onetz.de/oberpfalz/stadlern/mmm-teil-deutschen-wirtschaftswu....

What is the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI)?

Chambers of Commerce and Industry are cross-industry associations of entrepreneurs and commercial enterprises that are organised regionally. In Germany, the Chambers of Industry and Commerce are a professional body under public law. All tradespeople and companies with the exception of pure craft enterprises, agriculture and freelancers belong to them by law. In Germany there are 79 Chambers of Commerce and Industry which are responsible for regions of different sizes. They assume tasks of self-administration of the regional economy (cf. https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Industrie-_und_Handelskammer of 16.12.2019).