Compact steam sterilizer

Compact, space-saving steam steriliser from 2 to 12 STU for the quick and reliable sterilisation of instruments, utensils, laundry, plastic and complicated MIC instruments as well as other medical products in healthcare facilities such as hospitals, clinics and industrial suppliers of sterile goods with customer-specific equipment variations.

Technical data:
  • One- and two-door version
  • Chamber door opens vertically
  • Machine base or height-adjustable feet
  • Usage space between 2 and 12 STU
  • Surface processing of the inside chamber walls: Standard: smoothed (RA 1.25 µm), Optional: polished (RA 0.8 µm)
Ease of use:

MMM Smart HMI:

  • Clear and self-explanatory menu navigation on the colour touch display.
  • Large touch screen buttons with clear symbols
  • Self-explanatory navigation through the program menu.
  • Maximum width of only 995 mm
  • Vertical door movement, steam operated door seals with long service life for optimal process safety
  • Electrically heated, integrated clean steam generator with various power levels depending on the chamber size with automatic blow-down
  • All pipes, fittings and valves in contact with process steam are made of stainless steel
  • Pneumatically driven steam valves
  • Colour-coded pipe insulation
  • Polished chamber surface Ra 1.25 μm (Standard)
  • Modern engineering and sturdy construction ensure high reliability
  • Industrial PLC control system by B&R
  • Smart HMI with16:9 colour touch-screen: Loading side 10’’, Unloading side 7’’
  • No lateral service access required as service access is from the front
  • Separate steam feeding of chamber and jacket
  • Interface to tracking and tracing system (EcoSoft)
  • Wide variety of pre-adjusted standard programs
  • LED chamber illumination
  • Low-noise and water saving two-step vacuum system
  • All machine components meet the highest safety standards
  • Hygienic, easy-to-clean design - both outside and inside
  • Polished chamber surface Ra 0,8 μm
  • Built-in printer
  • A4 batch protocol printer
  • Barcode scanner
  • ISA – Intelligent Service Advisor
  • Remote maintenance
  • Airdetector
  • Machine base or height-adjustable feet
  • Monitoring of compressed air and cold water pressure
  • Chamber pressure manometer external
  • Degassing of feed water to the clean steam generator
  • Energy manager
  • Program stop button
  • Condensate cooling
  • Autostart for pre-selected programs
  • Program for countries with high temperatures
  • Pipe separator for cold water
  • Emergency door opening in case of power cut
  • Wide range of loading carts and transport trolleys (compatible to Selectomat® PL)
  • Automatic unloading ramps

Redundant sensors in the steriliser and the monitoring of important operational parameters provide for the highest possible process safety. The PID control is perfectly adapted to the individual phases of the gradient-controlled process.

Even hollow instruments and instruments that are difficult to dry, such as drills and heavy plastic parts, as well as complicated instrument designs and MIC instruments are sterilised in a convenient and reproducible manner.

  • Flexible configuration of the programs and steriliser.
  • Up to 50 programs can be programmed with freely assigned names.
  • The contents of the batch documentation are regulated by law. The form can be chosen freely:

    • Print-out of the batch documentation on an integrated printer or an A4 printer
    • Data transmission via the network for saving on a connected PC.
    • Operator identification for batch documentation

MMM Smart HMI:

  • Clear and self-explanatory menu navigation on the colour touch display.
  • Large touch screen buttons with clear symbols
  • Self-explanatory navigation through the program menu.
  • AN material
  • Hollow items
  • Implants
  • Instruments
  • MIS
  • Linen

At a glance

Application: Hospital
Type: Sterilization
Process: Steam
Material to be treated: Solid & porous goods


  • 2-12 STU

Loading height

  • 850 mm

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