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Electric steam generator for sterilizers Unotherm II Labor

If a supply of pure steam is not available on site, your sterilizer can be operated together with an MMM steam generator. No matter how your facilities are laid out, the steam generator can be integrated into the sterilizer, or can be installed next to, above or away from the steam consumer. The steam generator can be conveniently operated from the sterilizer control panel.

Technical data:
» The boiler performance can be optimally adjusted to the requirements of the connected consumer in 9 kW steps from 36 to 81 kW.
» Thermal degassing to reduce the proportion of non-condensible gases in the steam
» Low electrical connected power required
» Rated power: between 36 and 54 kW or 63-81 kW
» Pressure limiter 3.2 bar


Unotherm II
Duotherm II

For an independent pure steam supply

The Unotherm II is a pure steam generator that offers high performance with low energy requirements. It has been specially designed for facilities without a central steam supply. It can also be used for cost-effective steam generation in an emergency or on weekends. The boiler output can be optimized to meet the specific requirements of the connected sterilizer.

For example to keep the proportion of non-condensable gases in the sterilization steam as low as possible, the boiler feed water is thermally degassed in a process controlled and monitored by a temperature sensor. The quality of the boiler water is maintained at a constant high level by automatic blow-down. The blow-down can optionally be conductance-controlled. This completely eliminates the possibility of performance being affected due to deposits and corrosion. The service life of the boiler components is extended, and instruments are protected during sterilization. The boiler performance can be optimally adjusted to the requirements of the connected sterilizer, because the Unotherm II is available in models from 36 kW to 81 kW in 9 kW steps. The Unotherm II offers a high steam output with a consistently low connected load.

Unotherm II

Top features

  • Low connected load, high steam output
  • Flexible installation and expansion
  • Extremely low space requirement
  • Low energy consumption
  • Wear-free electronic load relays
  • High functional safety
  • Boiler with base and front plate made of CrNiMo steel, material no. 1.4571.
  • Immersion heaters made from CrNiMo steel, material no. 2.4858
  • Steam-conducting pipes, valves, fittings and/or welding flanges made from CrNi steel
  • Large water buffer system as power reserve
  • Redundant safety features
  • Hardware, mechanical parts and software are monitored by separate systems
  • Automatic boiler water feeding
  • Thermal feeding water degassing to remove the gases released in the boiler feeding water
  • Time-controlled blow-down
  • Conductance-controlled blow-down
  • The steam generator is switched on and off via the assigned consumer. Its control system controls and monitors the heating of the boiler, the steam pressure and the water level automatically and independently of the consumer.
  • The four-line LCD display integrated in the controller provides information on operating hours, maintenance meter, feed water temperature, parameterization, log book etc.


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