Ventilab PL

Flexible solution concepts for unique applications Ventilab® PL

The main difference between the Ventilab® PL and the Vakulab® PL is the taller chamber that allows a fan to be built in without reducing the chamber volume. In addition, all of the equipment components necessary for sterilizing liquids in closed containers, such as a temperature probe, chamber wall, fan, and the “Closed solutions” software package, are already included as a standard feature.

Ventilab PL
Ventilab PL

Technical data

Machine type
Internal chamber clearance in mm (H x W x D)
Volume in L
External machine dimensions in mm (H x B x T)

H model 669

830 x 650 x 990


1.898 x 1.600 x 1.270

H model 969

1,130 x 650 x 990


1,898 x 1,600 x 1,270

Technical data subject to change without notice

Ventilab PL

The specialist for steam/air mixture processes.

The Vakulab® PL is ideally suited for sterilizing solid and porous materials, liquids in open or loosely sealed containers as well as for sterilizing infectious waste and liquids in closed containers by means of the steam/air mixture process.

The sterilizer complies with the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 2014/68/EU and the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. CE marking according to PED 2014/68/EU. The standards applied are: DIN 58951-2 Steam sterilizers for laboratory use, AD 2000 Design of Pressure Vessels and DIN EN 62304 Medical device software. Sterilization pressure vessel, double-walled, internal walls and steam jacket made from stainless steel, material no. of the internal walls: 1.4404 (AISI 316 L)/jacket: 1.4571 (AISI 316 Ti). Piping system: constructed as per DIN EN 285, steam-conducting pipes and valves made from stainless steel. All pipes are color coded and thermally insulated. Software validation according to DIN EN 62304, electrical equipment for measurement and control according to DIN EN 285.

Ventilab PL

Top features

  • Fan with magnetic coupling
  • No reduction in chamber volume despite fan
  • High pathogen program
  • B&R controller
  • 10” display
  • Active jacket cooling
  • Recirculation cooling and cooling circuit connection
  • ISA – Intelligent Service Advisor
  • Special RKI waste program
  • Exhaust air filtration
  • Condensate inactivation
  • Heat treatment of exhaust air
  • Sterile filtration of compressed air
  • Air detector
  • Air-tight separation
  • Gas-tight separation
  • H2O2 generator connection
  • Fan for steam/air mixture process
  • “Closed solutions” equipment package
  • Early start: Independent start to warm up the sterilizer with an initial empty run so it is immediately available for use
  • Barcode reader for identifying the material being loaded
  • Air detector for additional monitoring of the chamber tightness
  • Steam manager
  • Remote diagnostics, central control room
  • Steam generator: Installation on or adjacent to the sterilizer
  • Air-tight bulkhead as barrier between the sterile and non-sterile area
  • Jacket cooling using circulation method
  • Connection to a DIN A4 printer or network to print out or archive the cycle report
  • “Infectious materials” equipment package
  • Waste disinfection according to RKI
  • Sterile filtration of compressed air
  • 15“ display
  • Connection to an H2O2 generator for reducing micro-organisms in heat sensitive items
  • Water saving system: The vacuum pump runs in resource-saving recirculation mode. Fresh water is only added where necessary
  • Jacket cooling using circulation method: Reduces soft water by up to 90%
  • Connection of the jacket cooling to an on-site cooling circuit reduces the water consumption by up to 95 %
  • Energy-saving night time switchoff – separately configurable for each day
  • Steam/air mixture process for liquids in closed containers
  • Pre-vacuum process with drying for solid materials
  • Pulsed vacuum process with drying for porous materials
  • Pre-vacuum process with cooling for liquids in open containers
  • The contents of the cycle report are regulated by law. The structure can be customized
  • The cycle report can be printed out using the integrated printer or a DIN A4 printer
  • Transmission of data over the network for saving on a connected PC
  • Operator identification in the cycle report
  • Internal cycle data memory for up to 50,000 cycles

High-tech – harnessed intelligently

The latest generation of PLC controllers enables intuitive operation, password-protected data management, and parameter-controlled free process programmability that allows all project-specific details to be individually accounted for.

Precise process control
» State-of-the-art industrial controller
» Redundant sensors for superior process reliability
» PPV system: Process Parameter Verification
» Interfaces for optimal integration

The software
» Secure and user-friendly
» Software development and validation according to DIN EN 62304 Software life-cycle processes.
» The sophisticated parameter structure provides a high level of flexibility when configuring the machine
» User management features ensure excellent access security.

Custom machine configuration
» Continuous monitoring of all measured values
» Precise regulation of the actuators
» Barcode reading system with automatic program selection (optional)
» Operator IDs and user management
» Autostart for automated program sequences, such as vacuum test, heating (optional)
» ISA – Intelligent Service Advisor
» Active P&ID diagram (optional)

  • Liquids in closed containers
  • Liquids in open and loosely sealed containers
  • Glassware
  • Animal cages & dispenser bottles
  • Textiles
  • Bedding
  • Feed & feed bags
  • Hoses
  • Filter
  • Culture media


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