MMM. Protecting human health.

Innovative technologies "made in Germany" for greater safety and efficiency in sterile goods processing.

With a full portfolio of products and services pertaining to sterilization and disinfection systems for hospitals, scientific institutes, laboratories and the pharmaceutical industry, the MMM Group is a key driver of quality and innovation around the world in the field of sterile goods processing. As a provider of complete solutions, the MMM Group has spent over 65 years using state-of-the-art technology to make sure that health – mankind's most important asset – is protected.

MMM has again been named "top medium-sized employer 2019" by, the leading online job exchange for medium-sized businesses in German-speaking countries. The aim of the award is to focus on the advantages of medium-sized...
Aktion Tschernobyl
On 26 April 1986, the Ukrainian nuclear power plant (NPP) in Unit 4 was the scene of the horrifying meltdown. The reactor shell exploded, debris and radioactive material were hurled outwards and a nuclear cloud spread over large parts of Europe. The...
Bayerns Best 50 Preisträger 2019
On Monday, 22 July 2019, this year's award ceremony for BAYERNS BEST 50 took place for the 18th time in Schloss Schleißheim.

New products

MMM Group Uniclean PL II 10 small space-saving 10 DIN tray washer disinfector cleaning disinfection of instruments for CSSD in hospitals

Uniclean PL II 10

Single-chamber cleaning and disinfection system

Compact and space-saving single-chamber cleaning and disinfection system developed for the thorough preparation of large quantities of medical products



Ultrasound cleaning system

Modular Ultrasound cleaning system for the thorough and gentle cleaning of highly sensitive surgical and microsurgical instruments with a special focus on complex daVinci robotic instruments from Intuitive Surgical.

MMM Group Uniclean PL II 30 washer disinfector for instrument cleaning reprocessing with tandem chamber large volumes

Uniclean PL II 30

Washer Disinfector with tandem chamber

The Uniclean® PL II 30 with its tandem chamber offers the capacity to process up to 8 1 STU sterile containers or 12 1/2 STU containers or up to 30 DIN instrument trays by one cycle.

Selectomat PL Compact Line steam sterilizer

Selectomat PL Compact Line

Compact steam sterilizer

The Selectomat® PL Compact Line stands for High performace on a small footprint. The compact design of the steam sterilizer Selectomat® PL Compact Line is the perfect solution for limited space in the CSSD.

Trade shows



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    23.09.2019 to 25.09.2019
    Palais du Pharo - Marseille
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    25.09.2019 to 27.09.2019
    Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena
  • 02.10.2019 to 04.10.2019
    Kongress- und Kulturzentrum Hotel Esperanto Fulda
  • 30.10.2019 to 02.11.2019
    World Forum The Hague